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Innovative Wind Conversion Systems (10-20MW) for Offshore Applications- InnWind

Innovative Wind Conversion Systems (10-20MW) for Offshore Applications- InnWind

Leitung:  DTU, Dänemark
Team:  Prof. Schaumann, Stephan Lochte-Holtgreven
Jahr:  2013
Datum:  23-05-13
Förderung:  7. EU-Rahmenprogramm
Laufzeit:  1.11.2012-31.10.2017
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The project is an ambitious successor for the UpWind project, where the vision of a 20MW wind turbine was put forth with specific technology advances that are required to make it happen. This project builds on the results from the UpWind project and will further utilize various national projects in different European countries to accelerate the development of innovations that help realize the 20MW wind turbine. DTU is the coordinator of this large project of 5 years duration and with a total of  27 European partners.

The Institute for Steel Construction is involved in Work Package 4 focussing on Offshore Foundations and Support Structures. Objectives of WP4 are to achieve significant cost reductions and to enable mass-production of for jacket-type structures in the 10MW class by applying innovation on the component level. Furthermore, to assess risks and possibilities and to preliminary design an innovative 20 MW substructure and finally to accelerate the time-to-market for floating concepts, as here structural designs and design methods are still not finalized and validated.

Besides the Institute for Steel Construction also the Institute of Building Materials Science (Prof. Lohaus) and the Institute of Structural Dynamics (Prof. Rolfes) are involved as the core research group of the LUH.