Eurosteel 2023 in Amsterdam

Eurosteel 2023 was held from 12 to 14th September in Amaterdam. More than 450 high-quality presentations in more than 10 parallel sessions were presented covering 19 different topics related to steel including fatigue, fracture, bolted and welded joints, offshore structures, etc. This year’s Eurosteel also covered emerging topics such as metal 3D-printing, advanced structural materials, AI and paid a special attention to sustainability in steel construction in particular repair and reuse.

Institute for Steel Construction has participated with several memebers including Sulaiman Shojai (presentation on the use of imprints for corroded fatigue assessment), Christopher Schierl (presentation on yield-controlled bolt tightening), Christian Dänekas (presentation on automated weld quality assessment) and Elyas Ghafoori (two presentations on Memory-Steel and 3D-printing for steel repair/strengthening). The full papers can be found in the conference proceedings.

Special thanks go to the conference organizers Chair of Steel and Composite Structures at ETH Zurich (the group of Prof Andreas Taras) and Delft University of Technology (the group of Prof. Milan Veljkovic) for the very well-organization of the conference.