Seminar papers and final thesis

The staff members at the Institute of Steel Construction are constantly looking for students to work on student projects.
The topics for the work are generally located in the field of steel and steel composite construction, for example in our main research areas of fire safety or of load-bearing structures for wind turbines. It is also possible to support your own ideas for work topics and constructive work, also in connection with engineering offices etc.

Due to constantly changing research topics a listing of topics is omitted here. For further information please contact the corresponding persons. The tutors can also be addressed directly in the lectures. They will forward the inquiries to the corresponding colleagues or refer to a suitable colleague.

Online-registration for student theses

Dear students,

under the following link you will find a form to registrate for a student thesis. Please use the form to send inquiries to our institute. Please fill in only one form at a time and prioritize your 3 institutes.

Click here for the form.

Hints for the writing of scientific works

For the preparation of scientific works, the hints given in the following guideline should be considered. In addition, the templates (Word or Latex) should be used for the creation of the paper and the PowerPoint template for the presentation.

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