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Neue Veröffentlichung zur Dauerhaftigkeit von reaktiven Brandschutzsystemen

New paper about the durability of intumescent coatings

New paper: "Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Dauerhaftigkeit von reaktiven Brandschutzsystemen" of Maximilian Mund, Dustin Häßler, Peter Schaumann, Sascha Hothan, Bernhard Schartel

We are pleased to announce that the article "Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Dauerhaftigkeit von reaktiven Brandschutzsystemen" will be published in the journal Stahlbau by Ernst & Sohn Verlag. The publication was written together with colleagues from the Federal Institute for Materials Testing and Research in Berlin. The print version will be published 02/2023, but the articel is already available online. Click here to get to the online version. 

Intumescent coatings are used in structural fire protection to improve the fire resistance of steel structures. Beside structural fire resistance also aesthetic demands can be fulfilled. The profile-following application and the low dry film thickness of the products make it possible to maintain the filigree appearance of steel structures. In addition to the thermal protection effect, the durability of the coating must also be ensured. The assessment methods available at European level by EAD 350402-00-1106 aim to a service life of 10 years. Test methods for a longer period are not described. This paper presents experimental investigations on the influence of weathering on the expansion behaviour, the thermal performance and the reactions taking place during foaming in case of fire. The tests were carried out on a water-based and an epoxy resin-based intumescent coating. The research results were obtained in the IGF research project 20470 N.