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Chen, ZY, Gu, XL, Zhao, XL, Ghafoori, E & Yu, QQ 2023, 'Fatigue Tests on Fe-SMA Strengthened Steel Plates Considering Thermal Effects', Journal of Structural Engineering (United States), vol. 149, no. 3, 04022255.

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Henneberg, J & Schaumann, P 2023, 'Numerical analysis of early age movement in grouted connections', ce/papers, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 289-301.

Khodaverdi, H, Mohri, M, Ghorabaei, AS, Ghafoori, E & Nili-Ahmadabadi, M 2023, 'Effect of low-temperature precipitates on microstructure and pseudoelasticity of an Fe–Mn–Si-based shape memory alloy', Materials characterization, vol. 195, 112486.

Li, L, Chatzi, E & Ghafoori, E 2023, 'Debonding model for nonlinear Fe-SMA strips bonded with nonlinear adhesives', Engineering fracture mechanics, vol. 282, 109201.

Mohri, M, Ferretto, I, Khodaverdi, H, Leinenbach, C & Ghafoori, E 2023, 'Influence of thermomechanical treatment on the shape memory effect and pseudoelasticity behavior of conventional and additive manufactured Fe–Mn–Si–Cr–Ni-(V,C) shape memory alloys', Journal of Materials Research and Technology, vol. 24, pp. 5922-5933.

Mund, M 2023, 'Einfluss extensiver Bewitterung auf reaktive Brandschutzsysteme im Stahlbau', Doctor of Engineering, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover, Hannover.

Mund, M, Schaumann, P, Häßler, D, Hothan, S & Schartel, B 2023, 'Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Dauerhaftigkeit von reaktiven Brandschutzsystemen', Stahlbau, vol. 92, no. 02, pp. 93-102.

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Wang, S, Su, Q, Jiang, X & Ghafoori, E 2023, 'Stability of steel columns with bolted strengthening under preload: An analytical model', Journal of Constructional Steel Research, vol. 201, 107699.


Betz, KS, Schaumann, P & Kulikowski, J 2022, 'New Test Bed for Corroded Large Size Bolted Connections Under Fatigue and Pretension', ce/papers, vol. 5, no. 4, pp. 235-241.

Böhm, M & Schaumann, P 2022, 'Imperfection Sensitivity of Large Cylindrical Shells Under Vacuum Considering Different Geometric Ratios', ce/papers, vol. 5, no. 4, pp. 659-666.

Böhm, M & Schaumann, P 2022, 'Shell buckling simulations of suction buckets with stochastic and deterministic imperfection forms', Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 2265, no. 4, 042031.

Böhm, M & Schaumann, P 2022, 'Stochastic modeling of geometric imperfections for buckling analysis of suction buckets', Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 2362, no. 1, 012007.

Dänekas, C, Heikebrügge, S, Kulikowski, J, Heide, KM, Schaumann, P, Breidenstein, B & Bergmann, B 2022, 'Automatisierte Schweißnahtnachbehandlung für Offshore-Windenergieanlagen' STAHLBAU, vol. 91, no. 10, pp. 683-695.

Dänekas, C, Heikebrügge, S, Schubnell, J, Schaumann, P, Breidenstein, B & Bergmann, B 2022, 'Influence of deep rolling on surface layer condition and fatigue life of steel welded joints', International journal of fatigue, vol. 162, 106994.

Foglia, A, Quiroz, T, Widerspan, V, Heinrich, D, Binsker, G, Schenk, A, Sanders, I, Achmus, M, Collmann, M, Böhm, M, Schaumann, P, Elsesser, W, Schädlich, B, Kirsch, F, Richter, T, Gose, M, Pehl, P, Kleineidam, P, Maas, J, Ibis, S & Oltmann, K 2022, 'Aktuelle Untersuchungen an Suction Buckets für Offshore-Windenergieanlagen: das ProBucket-Projekt', BAUTECHNIK, vol. 99, no. 9, pp. 669-678.

Ghafoori, E, Wang, B & Andrawes, B 2022, 'Shape memory alloys for structural engineering: An editorial overview of research and future potentials', Engineering structures, vol. 273, 115138.

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